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As of 11/04/22, we have ceased operations.
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Bougie Bakes: Keto, Vegan & Gluten Free Desserts [Nationwide]


Baked Fresh and Delivered to Your Door

Take a bite out of Bougie Bakes! All our cookies, brownies, mini muffins, and more are baked to perfection. They’re everything you love about desserts, minus the ingredients that make us feel “icky”. Order online and have your fave bakes delivered (with hot-out-of-the-oven freshness) from our sugar-free bakery in Los Angeles.

From cookie combos to vegan muffins and super sweet bundles, we'll feed your need for something tasty made from the good stuff. Enjoy rich, double chocolate cookies, peanut butter blondies, and every flavor in between. Because we strive to make Bougie Bakes inclusive to all eaters, our bakes are both keto and diabetic-friendly. Some of our sweetest creations are also plant-based for vegan eaters.

Everything We Bake Is:

• Sugar-free, made with erythritol
• Dairy-free
• Soy-free
Vegan (not everything, but many!)

Have a pup with a sweet tooth? We whipped up a recipe for the best healthy dog treats, so your best pal can enjoy Bougie Bakes, too.

Meet the Bougie Bakers

So, who are we? Meg and Ryan – that's us! We’re a married team that stumbled upon this mission of good and good-for-you treats totally by accident. Basically, we had teeth? Dedicated to our health while still wanting to indulge a little, we worked with a nutritionist to find that sweet spot. Booyah! Bougie Bakes was born so you can be you, feel good, eat well, and enjoy Bougie.

Be You, Eat Bougie