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As of 11/04/22, we have ceased operations.

Dairy Free

Skipping the dairy? No worries! At Bougie Bakes, we work our magic in the kitchen to feed your need for sweets without the dairy – because milk with cookies is totally overrated, anyways. So, satisfy your sweet tooth with the Bougiest non-dairy desserts from our dairy free bakery!
  • Brownie Bites Close Up
    Brownie Bites [16 brownies]
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    Brownie Bites

    Does the fact that these are gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free get us any extra brownie points❓ We don’t even need them, because they taste ...

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    Bougie Bundle

    This one is doing the most. It’s literally everything we bake in one order - half plant-based and half classic. 🤯 Our baddest and bougiest assortme...

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  • Chocolate Obsessed Bundle Close Up [48 count]
    Chocolate Obsessed Bundle [48 count]
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    Chocolate Obsessed

    Your unhealthy obsession with chocolate is about to get un-unhealthy. 💪 This bundle of everything chocolate we bake will leave you feeling good whi...

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  • Peanut Butter Lovers Bundle Close Up [32 count]
    Peanut Butter Lovers Bundle [32 count]
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    Peanut Butter Lovers

    What PB dreams are made of, without the nightmares (gluten, dairy & sugar to name a few). 😴 Peace of mind while you’re snacking has never taste...

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  • Chocolate Lovers Bundle Close Up [32 count]
    Chocolate Lovers Bundle [32 count]
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    Chocolate Lovers

    All of the chocolate, none of the nasties. 😲 Seems too good to be true?  Your tastebuds will be just as shook.  This assortment includes a total of...

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Delicious Desserts, Hold the Dairy

All about that dairy free life? We got you, boo!

At Bougie Bakes, we love serving up super sweet, delicious dairy free desserts. Best of all, we go all out when it comes to flavor – even without the milk. So, you get amazing non-dairy flavors like blueberry maple, almond citrus, and lemon poppy.

Dairy Free Cookies and More Delivered Right to Your Door

Whether we're whipping up a batch of dairy free cookies, brownie and blondie bites, or something else extra delectable, we are serious about delivering our bakes with hot out of the oven freshness. When you order your favorite dairy free desserts from us, we bake them fresh, package them well, and send them off as quickly as possible. You get freshly baked dairy free dessert delivery from the Bougiest bakery in LA.

What Does Dairy Free Mean?

Dairy free recipes completely omit any dairy products, like milk, butter, and cheese, relying instead on substitutes such as coconut oil. All dairy free desserts are made without milk or milk by-products - from cows, goats, sheep, or other mammals.

Why Go Dairy Free?

People opt for a dairy free diet for a lot of reasons, both due to their own personal preferences and their health. There are many benefits to going dairy free, such as improved digestion, fewer antibiotics, and easier weight loss. Dairy can be difficult to digest, which is why so many people are actually lactose intolerant. Plus, eliminating dairy could even be deemed as an eco-friendly decision because the dairy industry has a huge impact on the environment.

What's the Difference Between Lactose Free and Dairy Free?

Lactose free products are made with lactose free dairy. Lactose is a type of sugar that is found in milk that comes from mammals, including cows, sheep, and goats. Milk can be further processed to remove the lactose, which creates lactose free milk. While some lactose-intolerant people do consume dairy, they eliminate lactose from their diets as much as possible because it is highly associated with digestive issues. By contrast, dairy free products don't contain milk at all, so they are both dairy and lactose-free.

Be You, Eat Bougie with Dairy Free Desserts

Even if you are skipping the milk – no matter the reason – you shouldn't have to do without desserts! With so many yummy options for vegan desserts and dairy free desserts from Bougie Bakes, you don't have to. All of our decadent treats are dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and still taste like something grandma made – how's that for eating Bougie? Go ahead, be you, eat bougie, no dairy whatsoever.