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As of 11/04/22, we have ceased operations.

Sugar Free Desserts

Psst – looking for the best sugar free bakery online? You found us! At Bougie Bakes, our desserts are sugar free yet super sweet. We’re all about feeding your cravings minus the refined sugar, from yummy blondies and rich chocolatey brownies to fresh-baked cookies and mini muffins. We’re always fresh, always fast, and always bougie.

Baked Fresh in LA and Shipped to You

We like to keep things short and sweet (like your Bougie Bakes delivery time!). So, let’s get right to it – what are you treating yourself to? You can’t go wrong with our sugar free and super delicious Double Chocolate CookiesRainbow Sprinkle Cookies, or Peanut Butter Lovers Bundle. Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got something baking that’s just right. 

For straight out of the oven freshness every time, choose Bougie Bakes. Pick your bakes and place an order online. We bake your selections fresh in our Los Angeles kitchen, wrap them in a stylish tin, and ship your order right to your door.

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Are Sugar Free Desserts Good for Diabetics?

People with diabetes usually have to avoid as much refined white sugar as possible. Even some natural sugars like honey, cane sugar, and agave can cause blood glucose levels to spike in diabetics. Our bakery ensures these Bougie treats are accessible to everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions.

Many people with diabetes do have to stick to shopping with a diabetic friendly bakery. Thankfully, all Bougie Bakes desserts are made with erythritol– a fruit-derived sugar alcohol that is a great alternative for diabetics. Erythritol has no glycemic index and is fructose free, so it doesn't cause blood glucose levels to spike. So, shop our diabetic bakery online and enjoy our bakes without the risk! 

Are Sugar Free Sweets Fattening?

Some sugar free sweets can still be fattening. That’s why we whipped up recipes with your midsection in mind. Our ingredients balance fat, carbs, and calories with nutrients like protein and dietary fiber. So when you eat Bougie, you’re actually getting a well-rounded sweet that’s nowhere near as fattening as other sugar free desserts. So, go ahead – indulge! 

Are Sugar Free Desserts Low Carb?

Not every dessert is made equally, but when you buy from a bakery with sugar free desserts, you do get fewer carbs. We purposefully bake our sweets with keto friendly ingredients, so no one has to say “no,” to Bougie. For example, our yummy Brownie Bites only have two net carbs. You're welcome!

Eat Bougie, Live Better

Sugar isn’t great, no matter how you slice it. But luckily, our zero sugar bakes are beyond amazing. At Bougie Bakes, everything we pull from our oven is sugar free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and even keto friendly. We make an effort to use ingredients that are better for you, so you continue to look great and feel good in your gorgeous skin. 

Whether you have to skip the sugar for health reasons or want to eat healthier, you can still be you, eat bougie, and avoid the bad stuff. Be sure to check out our entire collection of sugar free desserts!