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As of 11/04/22, we have ceased operations.

Our Story

Our Story

We’re glad you’re here! It feels like a big compliment that you want to know more.

You could say that we began to get Bougie at the beginning of our life as husband & wife...

We wanted to look and feel our very best on our wedding day, and for us, that journey meant that for the first time we were going to start paying attention to what we were putting into our bodies. Staying active and being more mindful of what we were eating became our new way of life. Still, we refused to accept that this new lifestyle meant that we couldn't have sweets. As two people with serious sweet tooths (teeth!?), cutting them out completely was never going to work.

We searched high and low for healthier alternatives to some of our favorite indulgences, but we couldn't find anything that fit the bill (it’s always such a buzzkill when you realize a “healthy” snack or bar isn’t actually good for you). So! We started making what we wish existed for ourselves.

Together with a nutritionist, we crafted the initial bakes that would become Bougie Bakes in our home kitchen and have been on one crazy ride ever since. Determined to make healthier snacking easier, tastier and more accessible; we're just getting started. Whether you have dietary restrictions or are (like us) just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got your back.

Life is too short not to enjoy it, and enjoying it can be healthy too. There’s nothing sweeter!

Meghan and Ryan

FUN FACTS - We met at our very first jobs as college graduates, so it feels pretty serendipitous and déjà vu-y to be working together once again. Ryan spent his career as a startup Sales Director, and now focuses on operations, finance, and new business development at Bougie Bakes. Meg went on to work in marketing & licensing at both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and manages marketing, branding and new product development for us. Before starting Bougie Bakes, Ryan had an unhealthy obsession with Milano Cookies, which he’s since replaced with his favorite, our Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie. Meg on the other hand was taught that ice cream didn’t count because it melts in your stomach (thanks, Dad! (and also not true)). That less than ideal nightly habit has since been replaced by her favorite, our OG Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Meg & Ryan
Husband & Wife Co-Founders